Meet Our Farmers

We are fortunate to be located right in the heart of some of the most beautiful, fertile farmland in the state and have been given the joy of working with some of our very own neighbors to source local produce and products! In fact, much of what we serve you travels no further than Southern Woodford County to reach your plate!


Our Resident Gardener

Anna is the third generation to have a hand in the Glitz restaurant, and is bringing a new horticultural interest to the table. Having recently graduated from Centre College with a degree in Environmental Studies and benefitted from various internships in sustainable agriculture, she has now set her sights on our own garden plot right next door! She will be the first to admit that she has a lot to learn, but one of the best ways to do that is to get your hands in the soil! She will be producing our lettuce, beets, table flowers, herbs, garnishes, among other things!


The Isaacs Family

This family is the secret behind one of our all-time favorite desserts- the Grape Tart! They live just 5 minutes down the road and grow marvelous Mars grapes, a tart little table grape that is magic when baked down in its own juice. Their son Ben joined the Glitz family when he was only 14 as a dish washer and still finds time in his busy collegiate schedule to join us on the busy days!


Michael and Anna Weldi

The Weldis, affectionately known to us as Cookie and Digger, provide us with eggs, sweet corn, and cucumbers throughout the year! We’ve done side-by-side recipe tests using store-bought eggs and “Digger Eggs” and you wouldn’t believe the difference, the golden yolk says it all! We’re fortunate to be located directly across the road from them, because all of the vegetable scraps we salvage from the cooking process go straight back to their chickens!