Irish Acres, a 32,000 square foot gallery brimming over with beautiful items, is housed in a former elementary school, meticulously renovated and decorated to the finest detail. Visitors to Irish Acres are invited to step into a different world.

Twinkling lights glimmer in the softly lit foyer, castings reflections on delicate crystal and polished silver. Soft music and a refreshing fragrance beckon friends to come in and explore the 50 showrooms on two levels of displayed antique European and American furniture, precious collections of glassware and accessories, ladies boutique items, vintage jewelry, dolls and International giftwares!

Established in 1974, this delightful attraction was created as a family business and is still maintained by the family. The proprietors are on hand daily, anxious to welcome you and assure your day with them is a pleasure, whether you are strolling down memory lane or looking for a particular treasure.

Whatever the season a festive tone is always set at Irish Acres with “themed” decorator Christmas trees and holiday touches. When it is time for lunch, venture to the lower level of the gallery and enjoy a three course luncheon at The Glitz!