Irish Acres Gallery of Antiques was established in 1974 by Bonnie and Arch Hannigan. Bonnie developed her passion for antiques and began operating her first "antique shop" out of a single stall in their horse barn in Ashland, Kentucky. Arch soon transformed the riding stable into an antique gallery. With the help of their daughters, Jane and Emilie, the business flourished.

When the Nonesuch Elementary School  building became available in 1984, the Hannigans bought it and moved the family to Nonesuch. With their daughters home from design school in Atlanta, Georgia, Bonnie and Arch embarked on the monumental task of remodeling the building to accommodate their antiques, as well as the "tearoom" Bonnie had always dreamed of. Two years of "blood, sweat, and tears" later, they opened the doors of Irish Acres for business. Inside you can find antiques from all over the world, meticulously displayed in showroom after showroom. Jane, in particular, has an eye for style and ensures that every square inch of the building remains in graceful keeping. As a result, the gallery has been featured in Southern Living Magazine and continues to awe visitors.

Bonnie adorned the original limestone walls of the old school kitchen and cafeteria with her own cocktail of design elements; iridescent bulbs, grapevine, and twinkle lights give the dining room its iconic look and subsequent design awards from institutions like Restaurants and Institutions Magazine. Bonnie installed her daughter Emilie behind the 10 burner stove and never looked back. Success is owed to Emilie's hard work developing and perfecting recipes, and sourcing fresh, local ingredients from neighboring farms. She recently released her first cookbook that is for sale in the gallery!

The business is now in it’s 33rd year in Nonesuch. Jane and Emilie open the doors daily to welcome both new and returning customers who have become like family over the years. Bonnie passed away in 2001, and Arch passed away in 2012, but their legacy lives on through the hard work and dedication of their family.