Our menu beginning December 7th thru December 29th

Your luncheon begins with a flute of our Spiced Apple Refresher followed by an appetizer, entree with accompaniments, dessert and beverages for $22.95 plus tax. Our menu changes tri-weekly.


Roasted Chestnut Soup…a holiday favorite! Roasted chestnuts blended in a puree of herbs and vegetables, finished with cream and a splash of Sherry.

Pasta Rotolo….wheels of pasta layered with Parmesan, ricotta and thinly sliced Finchville Farms Kentucky country ham, served in pool of Alfredo sauce.

Brie en Croute…creamy brie cheese baked in phyllo pastry with candied garlic sauce and a garnish of fresh sliced Anjou pear.


Seafood Paella….with all of the color and spice of the Spanish classic…plump steamed shrimp and scallops sauteed in butter and lemon pepper tossed in saffron rice with Chorizo sausage, diced tomatoes and pearl onions. Accompanied by steamed sugar snap peas and a drizzle of Lemon Aioli.  

Chicken Puff Pie…our version of an old fashioned classic…tender chicken breast, sliced zucchini, yellow squash, peas and carrots baked in a white wine basil sauce under a cloud of golden puff pastry. Accompanied by a salad of tender red leaf lettuce, Mandarin oranges, rings of purple onion, toasted English walnuts and our own Poppyseed dressing.

Entrees are accompanied by our bran muffins with golden raisins and walnuts


Nonesuch Kiss...a baked meringue shell filled with jamoca ice cream, hot fudge sauce, toasted sliced almonds, whipped cream and a cherry. Our house specialty!

Strawberry Pinwheel Cake…strawberries, pecans and coconut baked in a moist white cake with buttercream icing served in a pool of strawberry sauce.

Grandma Snyder’s Christmas Cake…spice cake filled with apples, pecans, dates and sun dried cranberries, served with caramel sauce and freshly whipped cream.

Peppermint Stick Ice Cream…served with a chocolate peppermint wafer.


Water, Iced Tea, Hazelnut coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and a variety of hot teas. 

Gratuity is included for parties of 6 or more. 

Check out our cookbook “Lunch at the Glitz, available in the gallery! 


We are happy to accommodate dietary restrictions. Please call ahead so that the kitchen can prepare fresh alternatives based on our current, local ingredients. Ask your server for a gluten free or vegetarian menu!